Lani Eko Statements of Capabilities GSA Schedule Primary NAICS Codes

U.S. Department of State

Lani Eko & Company, CPAs, PLLC is under contract to provide audit and financial advisory services on the programs, activities and functions of the U.S. Department of State including Broadcasting Board of Governors, and other Federal entities under the authority of the Secretary of State (including U.S. embassies and consulates, U.S. sections of international organizations, and joint voluntary agencies). Specifically, LEC shall:

  • Provide technical aid and training
  • Perform financial audits, performance audits, indirect cost audits, special purpose audits, or expanded scope audits.
  • Perform pre-award surveys, pricing reviews, quality control reviews, evaluations, analysis, and follow-ups.
  • Conduct surveys, provide technical assistance, and prepare audit plans and reports.
  • Perform other work under the Inspector General Act of 1978, the Foreign Services Act of 1980, and the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990.


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